Storing sustainably, together

At Omnivent, we think the availability of food is important. That is why we want to help you to keep food available, all year long. How? By providing custom made storage solutions, and support during the entire cultivation and storage period. There are 3 things that we find most important: product quality, energy saving, and ease of use.

For years we have been gathering as much knowledge as possible about the storage of arable and fresh produce, in cooperation with our customers. Moreover, our R&D department is continuously developing new solutions. By applying that knowledge and development, we can provide you with an innovative solution that perfectly suits your storage process. The Omnivent Group has 3 specializations: ventilation technology, cooling technology and wood systems. The advantage for you? We can provide you with your entire storage solution!

Annually, Omnivent realises 150 to 175 projects, all over the world. We help traditional farmers, the agricultural entrepreneur, and the processing industry, regardless of their climate conditions. Guaranteeing product quality starts at cultivation, and therefore Omnivent not only offers storage advice, but also cultivation guidance. That is how we want to work with you on the availability and quality of food!


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