On June 21, a large onion event will take place in Gondreville (France), organized by Bejo/De Groot & Slot. The event takes place in and next to the ultramodern storage cells of Terres du Gatinais. This company produces onion sets for Bejo. The storage is installed by Omnivent.

The current climate makes it increasingly difficult to keep the quality of the onions high throughout the season. As a result, arable farmers increasingly need storage methods that are no longer dependent on outdoor conditions. Omnivent developed a new condens drying system for onions in which the outside air plays no role.

This innovative condens drying system has been specially developed for drying and preparing of onions. The onions come from the field under a relatively high humidity. The onions must be dried again in a short time. It is customary to do this with hatches, ventilation, and gas heaters, because a lot of heat is needed. If you want to maintain a certain temperature, it is not possible to increase the heating hours to dry. Omnivent developed a condens drying system, with which we can cool, heat and dry the onions with our cooling system.

Find the invitation to the Omnivent/Bejo onion day here (in French)

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