Ross Enterprises is pleased to announce our new partnership as the exclusive channel partner of Omnivent International & Bijlsma Hercules for India. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional storage solutions for potato and vegetable operations, thereby contributing to a greener and more efficient future for agricultural produce in India.

Our commitment to excellence remains steadfast as we offer a wide range of services, including technical expertise, innovative designs, and seamless project management. You can trust that we are fully devoted to meeting all your agricultural storage needs with unmatched service and support. Through our partnership with Omnivent International & Bijlsma Hercules, Ross Enterprises ensures the highest quality control and a sustainable future for your storage facilities.

From left to right: Gurjot Bahia (Ross Enterprises), Gursher Kahlon (Ross Enterprises), Errol van Groenewoud (Commercial director, Omnivent), Luuk Salomons (Director, Omnivent)

From left to right: Willem Beimers (Bijlsma Hercules), Gurjot Bahia (Ross Enterprises), Gursher Kahlon (Ross Enterprises), Jan Bijlsma (Bijlsma Hercules)

Since 2008, Omnivent has been active in the Indian market with a wide range of tailor-made storage solutions. From bulk storage to bag storage and box storage. The head office of Omnivent is located in Zeewolde, The Netherlands. 

Commercial Director Errol van Groenewoud: “Our head office is about 7,000 km from India. Over the years, we have experienced that the language barrier and distance make it challenging to provide the best possible service. Therefore, it made sense to partner with Ross Enterprises. Their local knowledge and network will be valuable in providing storage solutions and services in the growing Indian market for the next decade. This partnership also enables us to deliver turnkey cold storage facilities for vegetables. We look forward to working with Ross Enterprises!” 

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