Bulk ventilation

Space efficient and simple

  • Optimal use of available space
  • Simple loading and unloading of the store
  • Low investment per ton of product
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent
bulk ventilatiesysteem
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent
bulk ventilatiesysteem
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent
bulk ventilatiesysteem Omnivent

Why a bulk store?
In a bulk store your product is piled up to 5 meters high. That is how you can utilize the available space in the store to the fullest. How efficient! Moreover, loading a bulk store is easier than loading a store with any other system. After all, you don’t have to fill and stack boxes. Therefore loading is fast, and you need less staff. Because of the space efficiency, and because you don’t have to purchase expensive boxes, a bulk system generally asks the lowest investment per ton of product.

How does it work?
The fans force the air down, causing an overpressure in the pressure wall and in the ducts. The overpressure forces the air through the product. Any air treatment, such as heating or humidifying, occurs in the pressure wall. The inlet hatches are always positioned in the pressure wall, above the fans. The position of the outlet hatches is flexible.

There are 3 different types of bulk stores, each with its own advantages. Above ground ducts are easy because there is no need for a special floor, but placement and removal of the duct elements can be cumbersome. A fully ventilated floor results in the best air distribution, but it is relatively expensive. Therefore, in smaller stores, this type is sometimes simulated with a much cheaper pallet floor. The third type, underground ducts, is somewhere inbetween.

Above ground ducts
Below ground ducts
Fully ventilated floor
Pallet floor

Most commonly used for
Bulk stores are most commonly used for these products:

  • Chips, crisps and starch potatoes
  • Onions (for consumption)
  • Celeriac
  • Red beets

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Blaas ventilatiesysteem

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