Circulation fan

Start fighting condense

  • No worries about rot
  • Less energy use
  • Less weight loss


When the outside temperature is much lower than the temperature in your store, condensation against the roof can occur. That is a major problem, because the condensed water will fall down on your product, causing rot! Especially in buildings with bad insulation, this phenomenon will cause serious damage.

Circulation fans make sure that the air above your potatoes stays in motion when you are not using the system fans. That will reduce the risk of condensation. When the circulation fans are equipped with a heating element, to warm up the circulating air slightly, roof condensation won’t stand a chance! This is what’s in it for you:

  • No roof condensation = less risk of rot!
  • Less running hours of system fans to prevent condensation, meaning: less energy use, and less dehydration (and therefore weight loss)

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