DX cooling system

Simple and energy efficient

  • Relatively small investment
  • Low energy use
  • Little maintenance costs
DX Cooling System
DX Cooling System
DX Cooling System
DX Cooling System


DX system
A DX (Direct Expansion) cooling system is relatively simple, and has therefore been used in practice for many years. The refrigerant evaporates directly in evaporators in the store, cooling down the air. These are your advantages:

  • A relatively low investment
  • A low energy use, because evaporation directly in the store is efficient
  • Little maintenance costs, because a DX system is relatively simple and low-maintenance

In our DX systems we apply both synthetic (safer) and natural (more eco-friendly) refrigerants.

Condens drying
When drying your product with outside air, you depend on outside temperature and relative humidity (or, the dewpoint). In years with unfavorable weather conditions you will have insufficient natural drying capacity, resulting in rot, diseases and mould. Using heaters increases the drying capacity, but heaters consume a lot of gas, which is expensive and unsustainable.

Condens drying is a solution that enables you to dry independent of outside conditions. How it works? By cooling down the air in your store using the evaporators, moisture is extracted from the air. We then use the heat that is released in this process to warm up that same air again. As a result, the air can absorb moisture again, also known as drying. By extending your DX system slightly, it is made suitable for condens drying.

Heat recovery
When you are cooling in one place, heat is released in another place. Usually this heat is dissipated to the outside air via the condenser. However, if you can use this heat somewhere else, that is a total waste! An adaption of your cooling system enables you to store and reuse this valuable heat energy. For example to heat an office or a handling area. Heat recovery saves energy, which is a win for both the environment and your wallet!

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