Indian bag store

Storing on multiple floors

  • Efficient use of floor surface
  • Manual loading of the store
  • Product in bags for easy handling

Why an Indian bag store?
The big advantage of an Indian bag store is that it is suitable for up to 7 floors of potatoes. We usually assume a stack height per floor of about 3 meters. This means that the maximum total stacking height in the system is about 20 meters. That is a really efficient use of floor space! The disadvantage is that the store can only be loaded manually. A lot of labour is needed to fill all floors with bags of potatoes. Therefore the system is only suitable in regions where labour is relatively cheap.

How does it work?
The Indian bag store is basically a large room ventilation system over multiple floors. A large room ventilation shaft is built against the wall of the store. Fans in the shaft force the air upwards, and on the top floor the air is thrown over the product. The air flows through all floors, and on the lower level it enters the ventilation shaft again.

Challenging climates
Indian bag stores are almost exclusively applied in dry and hot climates. Therefore they are usually equipped with cooling to manage the storage temperature. Also humidification to avoid dehydration, and CO2 refreshment equipment to extract CO2 efficiently are a must in these climates. What most of our customers don’t expect is that hatches can have an added value in these climates as well. Usually at least a part of the nights in the storage season are cold enough to use outside air for ventilation. This can seriously reduce the running cost of your cooling equipment!

Most commonly used for
We only use the Indian bag store system to store potatoes.

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