Low-Noise OmniFan

Peaceful living in your environment

  • Significant reduction of noise levels
  • Enjoy a more quiet ventilation system
  • With optional frequency control


It’s a sunny day with a calm blue sky…

You step outside and notice a couple of birds singing their song. Nearby, you hear some kids playing. Their pet dog is taking a lazy nap on the grass. You focus and listen more carefully. And in the back, you can hear your ventilation system running calmly and quietly. This peaceful experience can become a reality when you use our latest OmniFans.


Is it time for you to use new fans?

The noise produced by standard ventilation systems can disrupt you when working or having visitors. Or keep you up at night when you’re trying to sleep. And in certain regions, you’ll also need to comply with strict noise level regulations when renovating or building your storage.

If you experience any of this, we think you might like our Low-Noise OmniFan. It has advanced fan blades to deliver the exact performance needed to dry and store your products. The new design also reduces turbulence and produces significantly lower noise levels. So you can enjoy a more quiet ventilation system. And a more comfortable environment.


Listen to the difference yourself

Hit the play button below to listen to a noise level test between a standard fan and our Low-Noise OmniFan.
For the best experience, we recommend using headphones or earplugs. We recorded this test at our own in-house testing environment.

You can control the noise level even further

The Low-Noise OmniFan has an option for frequency control. This feature allows you to adjust the ventilation speed as needed, saving energy and decreasing noise levels. Perfect when your products don’t require the maximum capacity for drying or storing.

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Does our Low-Noise OmniFan sound promising?


Contact us today to learn more. Our storage specialists are happy to visit you and help you decide if Low-Noise OmniFans can make a difference in your store.

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