Inexpensive humidification

  • Less weight loss
  • Increased product quality
  • Less energy use for cooling


Nozzles spray small droplets of water under high pressure into the air, enabling you to control the relative air humidity in your store. They can have some serious advantages:

  • A reduction of weight loss (less dehydration)
  • Increased product quality (less bruises)
  • Less energy used for cooling (because humidification has a cooling effect)

Nozzles vs. Pad humidification
Nozzle humidification is relatively cheap, but it also has some disadvantages. There is a risk that the air in your store becomes supersaturated with water, making your potatoes wet. This seriously endangers the quality of the potatoes, and introduces the risk of rot. Also, nozzle systems are rather vulnerable to bad water quality, which introduces a risk of high maintenance costs. We want you to have the best possible solution, therefore we always prefer to use pad humidification (OmniPad or OmniBreeze).

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