Flexible humidification

  • Up to 30% less weight loss
  • Increased product quality
  • Less energy use for cooling
OmniBreeze compact
Bevochtiging omniBreeze
OmniBreeze compact
Bevochtiging omniBreeze


The OmniBreeze evaporates water into the air, which enables you to control the relative air humidity in your store. We know it works, because our customers report some serious advantages when they use the OmniBreeze:

  • A reduction of weight loss of up to 30%
  • Increased product quality (up to 60% less bruises)
  • Less energy used for cooling (because humidification has a cooling effect)

The advantage of pad humidification is that it can never supersaturate the air with water, meaning that you don’t have to worry that your potatoes get wet. Also, the OmniBreeze is easily integrated in your store, because it can be stacked on top of your boxes, or placed on top of your ventilation system.

The OmniBreeze has 2 types. The standard OmniBreeze can humidify about 1000 tons of potatoes at maximum. The OmniBreeze Compact humidifies a maximum of 500 tons of potatoes. So, for every store there is a suitable OmniBreeze!

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