OmniCuro NEXT

Simplicity by intuition

  • The most intuitive storage computer available
  • Setup your storage strategy in minutes
  • Always understand how your products are doing


Simplicity by intuition

Earth, wind, rain, and sun. From our ancestors we’ve inherited an intuition to work with these elements to grow crops. Nowadays technique helps us further. You still rely on intuition when sowing, growing, protecting, and harvesting. But what about storing?

Using a traditional storage computer can be challenging

If you’ve already worked with a conventional storage computer, you know how hard it can be to set up your storage. The process can be overwhelming and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t possess all the technical knowledge. During storage, it is necessary to manually monitor progress and modify programs. You just want your products to stay in the right conditions. With so many technical settings, you are never sure if you did it right. This is about to change with OmniCuro NEXT.

Setup your storage strategy in minutes

Working with OmniCuro NEXT doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You only need to know what your product needs. You can quickly set up a strategy, even before you start harvesting or storing. OmniCuro NEXT provides a complete set of storage strategies for each agricultural and fresh product. Simply select the product you want to store. And set the desired conditions for temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 levels. 


Peace of mind with OmniCuro NEXT in the lead

OmniCuro NEXT controls your entire storage system. From ventilation and cooling to heaters and hatches. It knows exactly what’s happening inside and outside your storage. And it makes smart decisions to keep your products in the right conditions. Like opening the hatches when outside air is good for drying.

During the storage season, OmniCuro NEXT automatically moves your product to the next storage phase. No need to change the technical settings yourself. You can relax and take care of other business. 

Always understand what’s going on

During storage, it’s always good practice to use your own intuition. Regularly check your storage to see, feel, or smell how your products are doing. 

OmniCuro NEXT supports your intuition with 24/7 monitoring of your storage. Green, yellow, and red signals let you know if your products are okay or require attention. When OmniCuro NEXT senses something important requires attention, you receive a notification. Not with technical details, but with a clear message about what’s going on and what action you need to take.


Don’t worry, store happy

While outside the elements of nature are in control, inside our storage system is in control. OmniCuro NEXT combined with our storage technology helps you keep your products in perfect conditions. So you can concentrate on the job outside. And have one less thing to worry about. 


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