Makes storing easy

  • Monitors, analyses, controls and advises
  • Always accessible via the app
  • User-friendly interface
OmniCuro storage automation
OmniCuro storage automation


The OmniCuro is our flagship storage computer. Do you know what is great about the OmniCuro? It has 3 functions that make storing easy:

  1. It monitors and analyses your store, such that you always know what’s going on.
  2. It controls your store, making decisions for you based on your storage strategy.
  3. It advises you, by automatically making the right settings based on some simple questions!

You can use these functionalities anytime, anywhere, using the OmniTouch screen in your store, an app on your phone/tablet or via your computer, all with the same user-friendly interface. And, because we develop the OmniCuro software ourselves, you get regular updates to make sure that you can always use the newest functionalities!

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