Ventilating comfortably

  • Developed in-house, specifically for storing arable products
  • Speed control reduces energy use and noise
PM ventilator | OmniFan
PM ventilator | OmniFan


Our OmniFans are developed in-house, especially for the application of drying and storing agricultural products. That is how we make sure that our fans perform the best within your circumstances, in terms of efficiency, capacity and noise.

Concerned with the energy use and noise production of the fans? Let us equip your fans with frequency control! When you don’t need full capacity you can ventilate at lower frequencies, reducing both energy use and noise!

In our OmniFans we apply 2 different drive technologies: Alternating Current (AC) and Permanent Magnet (PM). We have applied the AC fans in our storage solutions for years. PM fans are new, and have a big advantage. They are just as robust as the classic AC OmniFan, but they use less energy!

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