Plug & play cooling and ventilation

  • Powerful cooler
  • Easy to integrate in existing stores
  • Can be used as movable unit


Many products require both cooling and ventilation for long term storage. You know what is great about the OmniFrigo? It can do both, in one plug & play unit. Look at it as a room ventilation system, fans, and a cooling system, all in one. Moreover, the OmniFrigo can be equipped with an air-mix hatch, such that you can ventilate with outside air. That enables you to save energy when outside conditions are favorable. These are the advantages of the OmniFrigo:

  • It is a powerful cooler. Even in the hottest regions, such as Southern Europe and Myanmar, we succesfully apply OmniFrigo’s.
  • It is easy to integrate in existing stores, and it can even be used as movable unit.

We can equip the OmniFrigo either with a synthetic or natural refrigerant. Depending on your wishes we select the best solution together!

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