OmniFrigo ECO

Store your product naturally

  • Powerful cooling & ventilation combination
  • Works with natural refrigerants
  • Quick and economical installation


Better for your environment, naturally

Great arable products grow by taking good care of our soil, plants and trees. As we listen to our earth, we recognize the need for sustainable solutions. With OmniFrigo ECO you are ready to use natural refrigerants like propane or CO2. Compared to synthetic refrigerants, these have no or only a small impact on global warming.

Store your product in perfect conditions

Whether you harvest potatoes, carrots or onions, you want to keep their quality high and achieve profitable yields. Creating optimal storage conditions makes sure you reduce weight loss, diseases, and rot. OmniFrigo ECO helps you to get as many of your beautiful arable products as possible into the hands of consumers.


A powerful storage combination

Many products require cooling and ventilation for long-term storage. OmniFrigo ECO can do both, in a plug & play unit. Think of it as a room ventilation system, fans, and powerful cooling system, all in one. The two standard models have a cooling capacity of 20kw or 40kw. Ask our advisors what’s the best setup for your product.

Quick and economical installation

Compared to a complete cooling installation, the delivery and installation of OmniFrigo ECO is easier and faster. For the inside unit, you mainly just need a hole in the wall of your storage room. The inside unit can be easily connected to the outside unit, without requiring a certified cooling engineer with specific knowledge or experience.


Save energy if conditions are favorable

You might already have experience using the outside air to store your product. The OmniFrigo ECO can optionally ventilate using outside air when conditions are favorable. This means you need less power to run your storage equipment.

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