We think sharing knowledge is important, because we need each other to improve and develop our beautiful sector. At Omnivent we have a lot of knowledge that can help you in practice. Curious what you can learn on the area of cultivation and storage? Check our training and support programs here!

The Omnivent Storage Academy (OSA) is the knowledge and training center of the agricultural sector. It was founded in 2015, in cooperation with our research partners, such as the Wageningen University, and international organisations, such as NIVAP, the UK Potato Council, NAO, and the Belgian PCA. Together we developed training programs to support farmers all over the world!

Training and support programs
Within the OSA we have Storage Management Training programs, and Agronomic Support. Both are organized by our senior agronomist, Frank. At our Store Management Training you will learn all there is to know about the processes in your store, our storage computers, and their optimal settings. The Agronomic Support program is meant to support you during cultivation, and other processes that occur before your product enters the store. Read more below!

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