Has your knowledge of storing faded over the years? Or do you manage your store mostly on rules of thumb, without knowing exactly how your product behaves in the store, and how you can control quality? Our Store Management training programs can help you out! After attending our training programs you will know more about the factors that influence product quality (theory), and how to control these factors (practice). The result? You will make the right storage decisions, leading to less storage losses, and increased product quality. Check our training programs here!

Basic Store Management training (OmniCuro/ACT)
On our basic store management course we cover the basics of storing in 1 day. These are the topics that we dicuss:

  • Product physiology
  • Storage parameters
  • Ventilation systems
  • Air properties
  • Storage process and strategy
  • Sprout inhibitors
  • Weight loss
  • Product quality
  • Automation & optimal settings for OmniCuro/ACT

Advanced Store Management training
This course is a follow-up on the basic store management training. The basic training is only 1 day, but there is so much to discuss! At the advanced training we have more time to dive deeper in the learning materials. After this training you will have enough knowledge to get the most out of your products!

Storage diseases and control
Do you experience storage diseases, and are you not sure what to do? This training explains how to deal with storage diseases. We discuss the prevention of diseases, and how to control them once they occur.

Design of a storage facility
Are you planning to build and equip a new storage facility? There are plenty of design choices to be made during the process. This training discusses the points of attention when designing a new store. That is how you can prevent facing surprises when it is too late!

Tailor made training
Is your training not listed? No problem! We will dicuss your wishes and make a training program tailored to your needs!